Emergency Call Out Service

Emergency Call Out Service

Last month we looked at why having a full-service electrical contractor makes sense for your home or business. Take a look back, if you haven’t seen it, and understand how great planning and execution coupled with excellent service can benefit you.

Another aspect of working with a full-service electrical contractor is the benefit that having a company of electricians on standby for when you need them most. At Next Generation Electrical we offer a 24/7 emergency call-out service. This means that when an emergency strikes, we’re here for you and your business/home to prevent a small issue from becoming a larger catastrophe.

You may ask, well why do I need a business like yours? The answer is convenience and the ability to respond fully to most of your issues. We have a fully stocked fleet of vehicles which contain the stock needed for most common calls. These trucks are operated by experienced wiremen who are equipped to effect repairs quickly and efficiently.

If you are an existing client, we will also be familiar with your property and installation, which means that we will arrive pre-armed with the knowledge of what to expect to work on to get your power restored within your structure. This is also especially useful if we’ve been involved in the installation of your PV system.

In this case, size matters. Our access to the right resources at the time when you need them most is going to be the difference between getting you back up and running or having you ‘patched’ until the electrical supply store opens again. Give us a call at 426-2871 or email info@ngebarbados.com to see how we can help. 


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