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Last month we looked at why having a full-service electrical contractor makes sense for your home or business. Take a look back, if you haven’t seen it, and understand how great planning and execution coupled with excellent service can benefit you.

Another aspect of working with a full-...

For many of us we have an electrician on standby or one who we know we can call on when we have an issue at home or work. These trained electricians will usually solve our problems, send us a bill, and move on to their next job until we need them again. However, if you hire an electrical...

For those looking to go off-grid and increase their level of self-reliance for their power needs, a battery backed up photo-voltaic system will be the way to go. However, Energy Storage Systems (ESS) are not for everybody. There are two main types of systems in play currently, the AC Coupled –...

Once again, the hurricane season is upon us and our thoughts go to the usual preparations – our hurricane kit, first aid kit, checking our insurance policies, making a family emergency plan, stocking up on food and water for at least 3 days, and securing your property. As far as your personal...


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Travelling on the ABC highway from JTC Ramsay (Bussa) Roundabout/Haggatt Hall heading south, take the first left just after you pass the pedestrian overpass outside CBC TV. Take the second left and we're the last building on the right at the end of the avenue.

If you’re coming up the highway from the south, you will need to go to Bussa Roundabout and reverse your direction of travel, as entry to the avenue is only available on the southbound lanes.

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